Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative 2: Learning Session #2" and Breakout Session A-2

Please join us for a live broadcast as we learn, share and highlight how community based teams across the country are integrating clinical pharmacy services in the primary health care home setting. The Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative is committed to saving and enhancing thousands of lives a year by achieving optimal health outcomes and eliminating adverse drug events through increased clinical pharmacy services for the patients we serve. Now in its second year (PSPC 2.0), the Collaborative is continuing the rapid spread of leading practices that improve patient safety and health outcomes in a health home model. PSPC 2.0 is building on the lessons learned and successes of the first year and expanding the work to a greater national scale. AND Breakout Session: HRSA - Session A-2 - Key Elements of Clinical Pharmacy Services: How to Set Your Priorities for the Biggest Impact Session Number: LS2BO10 There is a growing understanding of the impact that an integrated approach to comprehensive clinical pharmacy services can have on patient care. Using the Change Package Clinical Pharmacy Services Elements as our guide, this session will focus on the how to phase in this approach to care of your patients through deliberate strategies aimed at decreasing and preventing risk factors and optimizing care.